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Links with our Church - St Mary The Virgin
At Docking Church of England Primary School we have good links with St Mary The Virgin, our village church. We visit regularly for services such as Harvest Festival. We also take an active role in church and village events such as The Shoebox Appeal and The Hare Fair. The church is nearly in the middle of the village and is just across the road from the school. The church is a Grade II listed building its oldest part was built in 1349.
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The classes at Docking School this year are arranged in the following way:
Children from age 2 can be cared for by Docking Daycare
Children who are aged 3 -5 years old are in our Nursery/Reception Class, the Curlews
Children who are aged 5 - 7 years old are in the Kingfishers Class
Children who are aged 6 - 8 years old are in Inca-Jays Class
Children who are aged 7 - 9 years old are in Nightingales Class
Children who are aged 9 - 11 years old are in Golden Eagles Class
Our classes are organised like this because we have larger year groups at the lower end of the school.

The school day

Bircham bus routes

8.45 a.m. - School opens
8.55 a.m. - School day starts
10.20-10.40am – Morning break
12.00 noon - Lunch
1.00 p.m. – Collective worship
3.15 p.m. – School day ends
Miss Cherry Parker travels on the school bus
with the children:
Monks Close - 8.30
Windmill Hill - 8.40
Docking Primary School - 8.55
Who's who at Docking?
The staff at Docking are friendly, welcoming, well-trained and experienced. We are one big team that works flexibly together supporting each other and the pupils, but the list below indicates the role and area of the school within which the staff are usually working.
  • Mrs Sarah Bocking  - Headteacher-SENCO
  • Ms Ruth Chell - Deputy Head teacher
  • Miss Lucy Harris (P/T) - Nursery/Reception/Early Years Leader
  • Mrs Estelle Hawkins (P/T) - Nursery/Reception (Curlews) Class teacher
  • Mrs Lynda Oldfield (P/T) - Year 1/2 (Kingfishers) Class teacher
  • Mr Shane Speck (P/T) - Year 1/2 (Kingfishers) Class teacher
  • Ms Ruth Chell - Year 2/3 (Inca-Jays) Class teacher/KS1 Leader
  • Mr Kurtis Rudd - Year 4/5 (Nightingales) Class teacher
  • Mrs Cath Smith - Year 5/6 (Golden Eagles) Class teacher/KS2 Lead
  • Mrs Katie Wright - TA
  • Miss Katy Trett - TA
  • Mrs Linda Laing - TA/MSA
  • Mrs Kathryn Essex - HLTA/TA
  • Miss Cherry Parker - HLTA/TA
  • Ms Bridget Dack-Daniels - TA
  • Mrs Jacqui Easter - HLTA/TA
  • Miss Ann Eckersley - TA
  • Mrs Karen Nudds - Secretary
  • Mr Lesley Raven (Norse) - Caretaker
  • Mrs Rachel Riley - Cleaner
  • Mrs Christine Mallett - Midday Supervisory Assistant
 The school is also grateful for the significant efforts made by the various school volunteers each week.

To find out about our Governors please go to the St Mary Federation website:

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