Policies and information

Here you will find links to school policies that have been written by
the staff of the school and approved by the Governing Body. You are free
to download these from the Internet or you could request a hard copy
from the school office. We hope that you will find these policies
helpful and informative.
You can also find policies that are relevant to all schools in the federation at www.stmaryfederation.co.uk

Accessibility plan - Download
Admissions policy - Download
Attendance policy - Download
Assessment policy - Download
Behaviour policy - Download
Charging policy - Download
Complaints procedure - Download
Single equality policy - Download
e-safety policy (being reviewed) - Download
Exclusions policy - Download
Homework policy - Download
Lettings policy - Download
Marking policy - Download
Safeguarding 2016 - Download
Social media policy - Download
SEN policy - Download
SEN report - Download

Statutory information

Pupil Premium

Docking Primary School receives a Pupil Premium Grant for each child who is entitled to receive free school Meals or has been entitled over the last five years, and for any “Looked After” children. We are required to publish online information about how we have used the Premium.
For the financial year 2014-15, the pupil premium was £20,949.  This money went towards continued delivery of specific intervention support and the resourcing of external professional expertise and advice.  The school has also purchased a further 4 kindles, an iPad and associated software.  Pupil premium has also been used to facilitate the delivery of music lessons.
For the pupil premim children in 2014/15, progress was good in Key Stage 1 compared with the national average and slightly below the national average for Key Stage 2. Overall value added for those in receipt of pupil premium was at 102 above national average  for reading and mathematics whilst it was at the expected level for writing.
For the financial year 2015-16, the pupil premium was £22,440 which was spent on intervention programmes in literacy and maths, enrichment learning opportunities and the subsidy of educational visits and other activities. For 2016/17 we will receive £1320 per pupil.

It is very important that parents let us know they are in receipt of any of the following types of benefit, as we will not be automatically informed by the local government: Income Support; Income Based Jobseekers Allowance; An income related employment and support allowance; Support under part iv of the Immigration and Asylum Act 1999; Child Tax Credit (provided not entitlrd to Working Tax Credit) and have an annual income not exceeding £16190 or Guarantee element of State Pension Credit.
Download - Pupil Premium strategy 2016-2017

Sports Premium

The school received £8000 in additional PE funding in the year 2013-14 through the Millenium Legacy.  The money was used to support a broad range of staffing, resources, training and activities.  The money was spent on:
  • Provision of specialist staff to deliver high quality sport and PE
  • Purchase of an outdoor table tennis table
  • Training of staff in football and multi-activity games
  • Support to write bid for additional sport facilities through Sport England
  • Specialist courses from external cricket providers
  • Visit to specialist outdoor activities centre for early years’ children
  • Delivery of weekly yoga sessions for the whole school community
The school has received an additional £8000 funding for the year 2014-15.  This money will be spent on:
  • Provision of specialist staff to deliver high quality sport and PE
  • Purchase of basketball posts to complement the building of a new ‘Multi-Use Games Area (MUGA).
  • Training of staff in swimming teaching
  • Specialist courses from external cricket providers
  • Support visit to Norwich City Football Club to receive specialist football coaching.
Download - Sports Premium action plan 2016

SEN provision

Here are details of the Local Offer for Children with Special Educational Needs and/or Disabilities 
Download - SEN provision 2016

British values and Prevent policy

We are committed to ensuring each child understands the concept of being British. We promote values and attitudes that are essential to future citizens of our country. The new ‘Prevent’ strategy also aims to reduce the likelihood of young people becoming radicalised and then engaging in any form of violent extremism.
There are many ways to achieve this and we have endeavoured to identify and categorise some of the activities that take place, under the following headings:
  • Democracy
  • Rule of Law
  • Individual liberty
  • Mutual respect
Tolerance of different faiths and beliefs:
This links very closely to our work concerning British Values. In November our Executive Head teacher will attend the county led training session concerning ‘Prevent.’ Feedback from the training will then be shared with other staff.
Individual Liberty:
  • Knowing how to get help with - Learning - Problems
  • Children’s views are important and should be listened to
  • Bullies will not be tolerated
  • Children should feel safe and know who to talk to if they have fears or problems.
  • Being responsible for own behaviour
  • Not being stereotypical and encouraging non gender specific play
  • Providing toys/games/activities for use by both genders
Tolerance of different faiths:
  • Celebrating different religions and festivals
  • Learning about belief and practice of different faith groups in RE lessons
  • Celebrating festivals
  • Teaching various religions different stories
  • Assembly calendar
  • Visit to places of worship
Rule of law:
  • School rules and sanctions.
  • School council feed into some decision making. Classes involved in creating their own rules
  • Listening to all sides when sorting out disputes
  • Knowing and agreeing ‘right and wrong’
  • Cyber bullying education
  • Behaviour book
  • Class rules
  • School rules
  • Knowing and agreeing right and wrong
  • Playground rules and procedures (turn-taking e.g. play rota)  
  • Democracy
  • School council elections
  • School council
  • MP visit to school
  • Understanding of how organisations work- participation in school council. Participation in sporting events
  • Taking part in school council elections
  • Elections with classes
  • Vote for things
  • Hearing every side of the story to resolve issues
  • Responding to pupil questionnaires
Mutual respect:
  • Collective Worship- exploring shared values-promoting respect and tolerance of differences
  • Curriculum-acknowledging religious and cultural differences
  • Clear values in our school rules-discussed and understood
  • Discussions on differences/similarities in faith, gender, ethnicity, disability, sexuality
  • Reading partners across year groups
  • Being a team member. Sports tournaments
  • Children listening to peers when leading activities i.e. peer coaching
  • Every child has a voice. Every child is valued and helped to integrate
British Values and SMSC - further detail - Download
Prevent policy 2016 - Download